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Dr. Libor Marko is a doctor with a lifelong practice in a field of public health care and toxicology. He has worked as a special assistant and a research fellow in a field of radiology at School of Medicine in Košice, Slovakia. He has performed as an expert for radiation protection of the population in Prague. He has been concerned with apitherapy for more than 10 years. In this field, he has even went through a traineeship in Russia where apitherapy is recognized as a medical discipline connected with the field of neuroscience.


09/21/2023 14:43:10
  • Propolis Aqua 30% APV

09/21/2023 09:38:25
  • Honey + Blueberries, Bee bread 250g GLASS

09/20/2023 20:54:41
  • Nasal Spray PropoMucil
  • Salveprolis propolis, sage and marigold
  • Divinite
  • Prolex-propolio-tincture

09/20/2023 18:31:59
  • Bee pollen 100G (eco)
  • ROYAL Collagen with royal jelly and vitamin C 28
  • Bee Bread 100g eco

09/20/2023 14:50:53
  • Salveprolis propolis, sage and marigold
Program fertility for him
31.62 €

THERAPY: Fertility for Him

In a program Fertility for Him, which aim is to improve the quality of sperms, we have included products Apifyto + EchinaceaBee bread and Api Man.

Apifyto + Echinacea eliminates toxins and old or hidden inflammations from the body, and so it gives a man’s organism thorough cleansing.
(On basis of feedback from our customers we recommend to start using product Apifyto + Echinacea in very small doses (approx. 10 drops) twice a day and to reach recommended 2 ml gradually.)

The role of bee bread in this program is to support the organism with a wide range of vitamins and minerals which thoroughly nourish all cells in the body. What is more, bee bread is very effective probiotics which helps to support the immune system.
(We recommend to start using bee bread in smaller than recommended doses – about 3 pellets – and to reach recommended dose gradually.)

Finally, Api Man tablets contain bee bread and drone milk (drone larvae homogenate). Bee pollen is a strong antioxidant, it detoxifies the liver, destroys yeast Candida albicans, strengthens blood vessels and improves blood circulation in tissues. Drone milk is known to have a high content of hormones, especially male ones. It has a positive effect onto the endocrine system and sex cells and improves the process of sperm formation itself. It increases not only the volume of ejaculate but also the number of sperm in it. At the same time it also improves the structure, health, mobility, and therefore the overall quality of the sperm. As shown by medical research in Ukraine and Russia, thanks to these abilities, it really helps many men - among other things - become fathers.

When buying all  products from the program, you will get a 5% discount.  To achieve the desired effect, it is essential to use the products for at least 3 months. However, keep in mind, that it is recommended to begin with consumption of any bee product in a very small amount and increase the dosage steadily.

If you do not have any experience with bee products and are afraid (or even scared) of an allergic reaction, here is a simple tolerance test:
Apply a few drops of water, alcohol or oil extract of propolis on the inner side of your wrist. If you do not notice any reaction (swelling, itching, redness) within the next 24 hours, you can use propolis in any form confidently.
Do not use cosmetics internally.
Information about this product is based on literature, domestic and foreign scientific studies, and also on the experiences of our customers. The raw materials come from verified sources.
Bee products are strong antioxidants and contribute to significant cleansing of the body (so-called detox). Drink lots of water. Detoxification symptoms are not a reason to stop using the product (if you have questions, write to us at or call us at +421918482017). Beneficial effects can be seen after 2 weeks.
Dietary supplements and all the other bee products should not be used as a healthy diet substitute. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Store out the reach of children. Not suitable for people allergic to any of the product ingrediences. Apitherapist can adjust the dosage. Store in a dry and dark place at a room temperature up to 26 °C and relative humidity up to 75 %. Protect from sunlight. Use within 3 months after opening.


Apifyto + echinacea

Not only for inflammation / Manufacturer / Distributor: APIPRAKTIK Bee products from professionals

Api Man C

Tablets for men / Manufacturer / Distributor: APIPRAKTIK Bee products from professionals

Bee Bread 100g eco

A natural probiotic / Manufacturer / Distributor: APIPRAKTIK Bee products from professionals. Functional food.


Apifyto + Echinacea

three times a day 
2 ml
20 - 30 min. prior meal

Api Man

twice a day
(morning, lunch)
1 tablet
30 min. prior meal

Bee bread

5 pellets twice a day
15 - 20 min. after meal


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