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Dr. Libor Marko is a doctor with a lifelong practice in a field of public health care and toxicology. He has worked as a special assistant and a research fellow in a field of radiology at School of Medicine in Košice, Slovakia. He has performed as an expert for radiation protection of the population in Prague. He has been concerned with apitherapy for more than 10 years. In this field, he has even went through a traineeship in Russia where apitherapy is recognized as a medical discipline connected with the field of neuroscience.


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  • Honey + drone milk, royal jelly 250g GLASS
  • Api Man C

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  • Honey + drone milk, royal jelly 250g GLASS

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  • Honey + Royal Jelly 200 g
  • Apicole
  • Apropinus propolis with pine
  • Oculocin Propo Eye Drops
  • Divinite
  • Propolis ointment with Calendula and Shea Butter

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  • Honey + Echinacea, bee pollen 250g GLASS
  • Apichitosan
  • Honey + drone milk, royal jelly 250g GLASS

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  • Oculocin Propo Eye Drops
  • Bee Bread 100g eco
  • Bee Bread 50g eco
  • Propolis Aqua 30% APV
beauty and health
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THERAPY: Anti Age Collagen


Collagen for beauty and health

That is why we have produced really perfect collagen with royal jelly and natural Vitamin C. This dietary supplement will make you beautiful not only from inside but from the outside too.

To be honest, our collagen can suit to men’s population too. Each man should give his woman worship and „carry her on arms“. In order to withstand this load for a long time, men need to have healthy and strong bones. So, if you decide to buy collagen for yourself, don’t forget one (or more) for your man’s „second half“. Because - carrying on arms is so pleasant, isn’t it?

Our APIPRAKTIK collagen suits not only to beautiful skin, nails, hair, teeth, but to strong bones too.

Yes, there are indeed, many collagen products on the market. But ours is just perfect and extraordinary because:

  • most of collagen products are made of pork skin. This increases the risk of infection by various diseases and, what is more, the human body has several problems with its use and absorption – that is why is our collagen made od fish skin, or, more precisely, of subcutaneous layer of marine fish fat. And so it is non-toxic and very similar to human collagen, which is why it is also well absorbable and safe.
  • it is purely natural, soluble collagen, free from artificial colourings, flavourig, preservatives, GMO and radioactive additives – just like our bee products
  • collagen is one of the most importtant proteins in human body. Its function is to maintain vitality and body flexibility. As we get older, our body loses its ability to produce the collagen by itself. We can observe its shortage on the condition of hair, nails and skin (hair is dry and brittle, skin looses its elasticity, nails split even before they grow, broken bones need longer healing time,...). Inside the body, the lack of collagen causes stiffness and loss of elasticity of tendons and of all the connective tissues including bones.
  • it is the most effective when taken regularly. The improvement – shinig and more elastic skin, glossy hair, firm nails – can be seen after only a month of its usage. The same time is needed to reduce the occurance of pigment spots or cellulite, your bones will get more firmnes and cartilages more flexibility.

Our Royal jelly will give you beauty „from inside“, because:

  • Royal jelly increases vitality (especially in elderly people, in the post-surgery period, in people suffering from chronic fatique and living in harmful ecological conditions),normalises metabolism, improves the vascular system.
  • It regulates the activity of the nervous system (it proves to improve the conditions of depression, in stress states, neurosis and vegetative–vascular dystonia).
  • Royal jelly also stimulates the acctivity of female gonads (it is used for menstrual disorders or to eliminate unpleasant symptoms in menopause).
  • Royal jelly is also beneficial in old-age weakness, improves memory, sight.
  • It helps to lessen the cholesterol level, stimulates the hematopoiesis, reduces the blood sugar level, eliminates vascular spasms.
  • Royal jelly has strong ability to eliminate the impact of toxic substances – which disrupt the activity of the immune system - onto a human body. (it accelerates the elimination of toxins)
  • It normalises the activity of the digestive system, liver and kidneys, betters breathing and helps caughing up.

Vitamin C must not be excluded from the composition. It improves collagen absotption as well as supports normal collagen production for proper bone and cartilage function. It also contributes to protection of cells against the oxidative stress.

Possible usage:

  • to support overall women’s vitality
  • to eliminate facial veins
  • to serve intensive hydratation of the skin
  • to support healthy menstrual cycle
  • to improves elasticity, firmness and flexibility of the skin
  • to renew the skin gloss
  • to smooth small and reduce deep wrinkles
  • to strenghten hair, nails and scalp
  • to strengthen joints
  • to support the health of liver and kidneys

 And french creams.


When buying all you will get a 5% discount.


Collagen with royal jelly and vitamin C

collagen with royal jelly and vitamin C

Honey + propolis; drone milk 250 g

highly enriched honey: 20% Bee pollen, 10% Propolis, 5% Drone milk

Honey + Echinacea; Bee pollen 250 g

honey composition that boosts your immune system



1 package for 1 day

Anti Age

Apply Nutrition Intense® cream in the morning and evening on a cleansed face and neck.


Secret de Reine® eye contour cream is applied under the eyes in the morning and evening


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